Frequently asked questions

What's the use of this app

You can use this app to open a website or trigger hotkey in your Mac with one tap on your phone. 

How to set up accessibility access privacy

MyToolPad need to get the accessibility access privacy to tigger keyboard event in macos.To set up the accessibility access privacy,first go to System preferences.

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Go to Security & Privacy

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Select Accessibility and Click the lock to make changes.

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Select MyToolPad

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Why i click my button in my app, by nothing happen to my mac?

1、Check whether you mac client and phone app in the same intranet. 
2、Check whether you mac client and phone app in the same account.
3、Make sure MyToolPad has the right accessibility access privacy, see above to set up accessibility access privacy.

How can i edit the button

You have to download the client app in Mac, and then login in the same account. edit the button in the client, it will auto sync to your other devices.

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